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DEISEL brand

DEISEL brand

When a brand that has irony as a core value meets an audience that appreciates the tongue-in cheek almost as much as a bargain, what do you get?

Maybe a shabby popup store, selling seemingly bootleg clothing which is in fact a ‘real’ limited edition with a ‘misprint’ that is intentional.

Which, incidentally, then becomes more valuable than the ‘genuine’ because the ‘misprinted’ logo now has a story to tell for the wearer.

Confused yet?

This is precisely what happened last month when Diesel created a store in NYC during Fashion week. Located in a Chinatown street notorious for selling brand fakes, the store promised ‘DEISEL’ products at knockdown prices…

Diesel’s ’DEISEL’ promo video.

Previous campaigns have included themes like ’Global warming ready’. This is a tongue in cheek look at fashion models posed in an earth scorched or overrun with water.

Another, ‘Be Stupid’ celebrates the reckless and resulting comic situations we might find ourselves in – at least in the inner-fantasy world of our teens.

Diesel advertising

Be Stupid Campaign by Diesel

Diesel brand irony

Diesel Brand advertising

Picture: Diesel campaign, make love not walls.

Know thyself – brand values

As with all things brand, the key here is of course to know your audience. But first know yourself. This is clearly a brand comfortable in it’s own skin. It knows who it is speaking to and what it wants to say.

As a brand, Diesel is just reflecting the cynicism of its increasingly marketing-savvy audience. And clearly representing its own core brand values. For a denim brand, adopting brand values of rebelliousness and non-conformism is hardly a stretch. This brand just builds on that base, notching it up, with a ironic wink to its knowing audience.

Is there a moral?

Of course not, this is the 21st Century. But for me, the takeaway: In poking fun at its own value, and provocatively taking aim at counterfeiters, Diesel wants to show us its self-confidence and ultimately belief in its self worth.

Source: Dazed

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