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Designing an Icon


Designing an Icon

Mead – The ‘Nectar of the Gods’ deserves your attention. And what better way thanto design an iconic bottle.

It’s not every day that a client asks you to create a brand that empowers a generation of social swarmers to recognise the positive potential power of the collective. Inspiring them to bee the change – while at every turn, think to yourself… ‘how would the bee design it?’. That was the challenge given to us by Karen O’Neill, brand founder of Beekon Batches – no pressure.

Beekon Batches Logo

The overall bottle aesthetic is inspired by the traditional bee skep which dates back 2,000 years. The classic skep is recognisable in this clean and simplified contemporary glass form. Its flowing curves are seductively tactile and cool to the touch, reflecting the sparkling refreshment of the beverage inside.

Beekon Batches 4 Pack

We wanted to set the benchmark for this emerging category. The result is a instantly recognisable bottle design and brand that celebrates the passion, dedication and patience that goes into making Beekon Batches from the humble bee to the craft brewer.

“At the heart of the BEEKON proposition is this beautiful, distinctive beehive shaped bottle. The unique form that so perfectly represents the central premise of the brand and product – a pure, clean drink made from honey, inspired by bees.

Dynamo were asked to design a bottle that introduced a new category to a ever growing inquisitive, explorative consumer. In the concept they presented they bravely took the brand to the precipice of what could be achieved. Creating something as technically complex and as ambitious as this bottle was by far the most difficult aspect of the entire venture but without question the most memorable and distinctive.”

Karen O’Neill
Brand Founder, Beekon Batches

Founded over 25 years ago, Dynamo is a brand agency located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. It has expertise in developing effective new product development and beautifully effective new drinks brands.