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Effervescently Chi


Effervescently Chi

Originating in East Asia, kombucha is an ancient drink believed to be a source of chi, an invigorating life force.

As we had previously helped SynerChi to become the leading brand of authentic and traditionally-produced kombucha in Ireland, it was no surprise that they came back for more.

This time the challenge was to create packaging for their innovative canned kombucha product range, which is aimed at customers looking for a healthier choice in a sparkling drink. These days, consumers want the refreshment and taste associated with traditional soft drinks – but without the sugar.

Inspired by the three new recipes, Traditional Cola, Ginger & Turmeric Lemonade and Apple & Elderflower Pressé – we developed a vibrant new illustration approach; one that reinforces the invigorating health benefits of SynerChi’s unpasteurised kombucha and clearly signals the natural flavours they can expect.

ColaCan Close up

Apple Can Close up

Lemonade Can Close up

This is a premium product which needed a premium design and guaranteeing this vision transferred to the physical can was paramount. We worked closely with the can printers and their reproduction department to ensure that every detail and finish on the physical can matched the quality of the design.

Seeing the results in-store is… refreshingly satisfying.

“We just love our new canned kombucha range. The design is beautiful and the feedback we’ve had already from the trade, as well as consumers, has been fantastic. The team at Dynamo did a brilliant job in terms of taking a very full brief, extracting the right elements, getting to essence of what we were looking for and expressing it in a design that both expands and solidifies the SynerChi brand, which we created with Dynamo back in 2014.

Dynamo also had the experience and expertise to ensure that the design would successfully translate to the can. Having strong lines of communication with our can printers throughout the process, we were always confident of a top-class result.”

Laura Murphy
Founder, SynerChi Kombucha

Founded over 25 years ago, Dynamo is a brand agency located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. It has expertise in developing effective new product development and beautifully effective new drinks brands.