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eir Sport kicks off

The acquisition of Setanta Sports by eir in 2016 meant that the company would evolve from being a Telco to a full-on sports entertainment provider. Setanta became eir Sport and, with that, needed a distinct new brand identity. Guess who worked with them on it? Eh… that would be us.

We worked closely with both marketing teams to make sure that eir Sport would hit the ground running as Ireland’s can’t-miss premium sports network. Our deliverables covered everything from brand identity and guidelines to new broadcast graphics look/feel, plus a full collateral redo and promotional BTL campaign. As Alan Partridge would say, 'Back of the net!'

"The creation of eir Sport was a game changing moment for eir. As creative partners, Dynamo worked with us to solve tough brand questions as well as developing really strong, impactful creative."

Oisín Masterson

Head of Brand & Marketing, eir.

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