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Appleman's Cider naming, packaging design and brand identity by Dynamo brand agency Dublin for Heineken

Reinvigorating Joy

For over 40 years Kelkin has provided Irish families with a range of wholesome and delicious foods, vitamins and natural skincare. Ready to realise its ambitious brand strategy, Kelkin partnered with Dynamo to bring the brand’s potential to life.

With the new strategic repositioning already underway, Dynamo carried out a comprehensive audit of the category and began to ignite the creative strategy. The first step on the journey was to navigate a clear vision for their new brand positioning – joyful invigoration – the benchmark for all brand touch-points going forward.

We took this opportunity to reimagine the brand, creating a compelling point of difference and strong emotional engagement with the core target audience - mothers with young families, looking for a brand that nourishes their life.

Working closely with the marketing and sales team, we were able to position Kelkin in the sought-after eye level upper tier shelf space, ensuring maximum visibility, delivering optimum brand recognition and recall within this busy category.

Dynamo delivered:

> Competitor audit
> Creative territories and propositions
> Brand identity design
> Brand packaging design
> Tone of voice
> 100+ Multi Sku rollout
> NPD Development
> Identity and packaging guidelines

The impact:

Kelkin now engages with its customers as a modern, joyful brand, easily recognisable and instantly mouth-watering.

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