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Born of an island like no other...

Located just off Dublin’s northeast coast, Lambay Island is a mysterious chunk of verdant volcanic rock that’s cultivated all manner of stories down the years – and now, it’s given its name to a unique new Irish whiskey brand.

The island’s owner, the 5th Baron of Revelstoke, has partnered with legendary French cognac house Camus to create the first Irish Whiskey to be finished in cognac barrels. Which, in the island's environs are exposed to the unforgiving coastal elements — delivering its distinctive character and taste.

We created the new brand by distilling everything we learnt about Lambay’s rich past and environment into a concept we called 'An Odyssey of Oddity'. A story celebrating the island’s many appealing eccentricities (think Lewis Carroll meets Jules Verne); inhabited with colonies of wallabies and seabirds, ringing with tales of infamous parties and happenings — delivered in a poetic tone of voice.

We created our brand iconography – a dinner-jacketed puffin (another bird which calls Lambay home), bespoke illustrations and brand colours inspired by the Irish Sea, sky and the island’s sunsets. A differentiated brand to compete within a highly-competitive whiskey market and to do justice to the vision of the whiskey's creators.

“The brand world Dynamo has created for Lambay Irish Whiskey has given us the confidence to be a true global player in marketing our brand to the world. The set of visual brand tools we have created allow us to launch Lambay Whiskey across all platforms, with cut through in a very busy retail space. It’s such exciting times for the brand and we’ve had great fun (and great whiskey) along the way.”

Sabine Sheehan

Brand Manager, Lambay Whiskey


  • Kinsale Shark Awards
    Silver – International Design category.
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