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Food with thought

Working with amazing brands every day, we had always toyed with the idea of creating our very own.

In 2017 we took the decision to go into partnership with Kuanza to develop a speciality chocolate brand that was entirely crafted and packaged, from farm to factory in Africa – challenging the status quo and putting Africa on the foodie map in a completely new way, while building new industries and expertise in African communities.

We needed to develop a brand and packaging design for MIA that would ensure it could stand out and perform in a highly competitive market – while staying true to its original purpose.

Our brand platform became 'amazing food that does good'. Our design strategy focused on consumer expectations from a premium food brand, as well as the brand's provenance. The result is a packaging design that represents modern African food in a new way.

The brand to reflects its African origins, but not stereotypically so. To reflect modern Africa – vibrant, fresh and contemporary, as well as the quality of the chocolate and ingredients. The combination of our bold, multilayered marque and bespoke illustrated patterns represent the communities that contribute to MIA, while our premium, tactile finishes ensure that the brand's quality and credibility stands out in a saturated market.

MIA has a higher purpose, and while consumers are becoming more concerned with the origins and sustainability of the products they eat, quality is still a primary concern. This led our design strategy in a direction that would ensure that we avoided any cliches and focused on representing the quality of our produce, as well as all that it is great about modern Africa – vibrant, fresh and contemporary. The inside of our packaging tells our brand story and further engages consumers.


  • MIA branding and packaging design featured on
    The Dieline (International best practice in packaging design)


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