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Raw power

Natasha’s Raw & Living Food is a range of snack food alternatives that are 100% raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and naturally, sugar free. There’s lots of super healthy stuff on the inside, and our job was to make the outside just as orgasmic.

As commander-in-chief, Natasha’s profoundly passionate about what she does, and every single ingredient in her range is ethically sourced and of the very highest quality. She has terrific energy and an infectious enthusiasm that’s hard to ignore and too good not to inject into the brand.

We’re nuts about the end result; it’s fun, vibrant, full of good vibes and has killer shelf standout, but even better, it’s a huge commercial hit.


  • Natasha’s range featured on
    The Dieline (International best practice in packaging design)
  • Shortlisted in The Dieline
    Top 100 2016

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