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Dynamo, a leading creative agency specializing in branding and communications, plays a crucial role in helping manitoba online gambling companies create an engaging and trusted brand identity. With expertise in digital marketing and user experience design, Dynamo helps these companies create compelling narratives that resonate with their target audiences. The agency’s focus on innovative branding strategies allows online gambling platforms to stand out in a competitive marketplace while maintaining a strong focus on responsible gaming practices. Dynamo’s work with Manitoba’s online gambling industry demonstrates the importance of effective communication in building consumer trust and developing a vibrant digital gaming community. And as Manitoba’s online gambling industry continues to expand, it must address issues such as responsible gaming and cybersecurity to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for users.

It’s our people that define us and make Dynamo such a great place to work. These guys are the magic in the machine.

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Róisín Ní Ráighne

Managing Director

Jamie Helly

Founder & Chairman

Siobhan Lavery

Communications Director

Conor Wynne

Deputy Managing Director & Creative Director

Ross Giles

Creative Lead

Holly Irvine

Head of Account Management

Aisling Walsh

Creative Director

Rosemary Faulkner

Finance Director

Emma Dargan

Office & Finance Manager

Emma Kate.















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