About us

We create insightful brand strategies, wonderful visual identities, compelling brand stories, seductive packaging design and killer communications campaigns.

We have a relentless desire to make beautiful, effective work, coupled with a zero tolerance for mediocre. Our mantra is… OK work is not OK and believe bold creative thinking has the power to transform brands (and fortunes)

Weapons of choice

Our Special Ingredients

What’s insidethe box?


We’re made of strategists, creative writers, brand designers, digital designers, art-directors, relationship managers, project managers, rocket scientists but no space cadets.

We work smart and treat our clients money as if it were our own. From the outset, we see your problems as our problems and adopt a mindset of shared responsibility. We love to work openly, sharing our thoughts and ideas along the way. Working together makes the work better.  

Our Special Ingredients

Sharp Thinking

We do brand strategy really well. We start by finding answers to the strategic questions through rigorous fact-finding, problem-solving, collaborative workshops and creative thinking.

Nexts comes the the ideation phase. Some ideas might be hiding in plain sight, others camouflaged and that bit harder to crack. It’s our job to discover and unleash them.

It’s that marriage of sharp strategy and killer creativity that sets you up for success.


Inspiring Ideas

Our Special Ingredients

Sharp Thinking

Inspiring Ideas

Our Co-conspirators

What turns good into great

Our 3 guidingprinciples

Mutual respect

We see our clients as partners in crime. They can expect 100% effort from us, in return we expect to be treated like equal shareholders. Mutual respect is a must.

We only work with likeminded people who share our positive energy and desire to do great things.

Time to shine

We understand that everyone is under massive pressure to deliver, however creativity simply can’t flourish in a state of stress.

We ask our partners to give us breathing space to nail the strategy and time to get it wrong before we get it right. 

The work will be better for it.

Care for culture

It sounds terribly trite, but the welfare and happiness of our Dynamites is more important than our profits

We’re super-concious of our culture and maintaining a lively esprit de corps. We celebrate the connectivity between happy people and great work.