Newstalk finds its new Voice

Conversation That Counts

The Aim

Newstalk, Ireland’s most listened to radio station, needs no introduction. Since its inception in 2002 the station has grown massively in popularity, continuously expanding its listenership year on year.

Following on from in-depth listener research it became apparent that there were significant anomalies in how people perceived the station. The magnetic power of the on-air personalities was not in question, however a common theme was that the station’s overall brand personality was not resonating with new listeners.

The ask of Dynamo was to help Newstalk reframe their brand for new audiences and to confidently celebrate and communicate the brilliance of the station’s output.


Brand strategy
Identity design
Brand world creation
Brand guidelines
Out-of-home communications
Promotional assets


The Game

Research uncovered that Newstalk had a gift for being able to deliver content in a massively engaging and human-centric way.

Core to this positive sentiment is station’s ability to act as a platform for honest and open dialogue. A level playing field where listeners and guests are empowered and encouraged to be active contributors in shaping the conversation.

This knowledge brought us to a brand statement that we believe captures this spirit of collaboration – “Conversation that Counts”.

Our design approach to the rebrand was heavily influenced by a desire to capture this energy and openness through the use of a bold graphic language, vibrant colours and naturally engaging presenter photography.

The Fame

The sparkly new Newstalk brand launched in the summer 2023 with a nationwide TVC, out-of-home and extensive digital marketing and PR campaigns.

Overall reaction to the brand refresh has been hugely positive. Designed expressly for a digital world, Newstalk’s brand world in-app, mobile and desktop interfaces are highly distinctive and command attention.

The brand’s new tone of voice, brand world and digitally fit-for-purpose design approach sets the stations up nicely to achieve its goals in enlisting new listeners.

“With already strong awareness, now was the perfect opportunity to refresh the Newstalk brand, evolving it to better reflect the product offering and position Newstalk as a more modern, dynamic and relevant media brand. The new look for Newstalk and brand tagline delivers on this and will be a key element in widening the appeal of Newstalk, making the brand more accessible and reaching new audiences”

Patricia Monahan
Managing Editor

What we delivered

Brand Strategy / Identity Design/ Brand World Creation / Brand Guidelines / Merchandise / Out of Home Communications / Promotional Assets / Tone of Voice