Dynamo win Gold at the European Transform Awards and it tastes sweeter than honey

Dynamo scooped Gold on Wednesday night at the European Transform awards in London for its work in developing Beekon Batches. The brand is the brainchild of marketing legend Karen O’Neill [PepsiCo, Heineken]. Beekon Batches, is a moreish honey-based alcohol beverage infused with hints of lemon, elderflower, lime and ginger.

“From day one when Dynamo presented it, I fell in love and it became non-negotiable. The journey is now even more worthwhile, knowing that it’s been merited for its beauty and design by a panel of world-class judges against some of the most respected brand design agencies in the world” Karen O”Neill Founder: Beekon Batches

Derek McGrath, FMCG Design Director at Dynamo says… “This award means so much more to us than just a trophy. Our big wish is to get Irish design more recognised on the international stage. As a thriving creative community, we need to step out of the shadows and celebrate our work to the level it deserves”